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WAHM Resources

Hey there Work at Home Mama (And Dads! Don’t mean to leave you out, I just have more experience with the mom gig, you understand),

I want to say that I think You are Awesome! It isn’t easy choosing this life and living the dream. That is why I wanted to collect my favorite resources and share them with you so that you can rock out working at home and making your family dreams a reality!

Goal Setting and Your Big Why

The first thing I want to recommend to anyone and everyone is to sit down and think about what it is your TRULY want in life. What is your WHY? What are your goals and why is it that you want to achieve them?
To work all these whys and goals and really dig deep, I recommend Leonie Dawson’s Life + Biz Workbooks and Planner. I adore Leonie (you can see my recent love letter to her here) and her workbooks are one of the key reasons I finally got off my self-sabatoging butt and got to work making my dreams come true! This year I bought her planner and even though we’re only a month into the year I have no idea what I would do without that baby!

After you buy her workbook, be sure to join her Facebook group for support, accountability, networking, and friends.

Create a Website

Now if you decide that working from home, having your own business, and creating a sustainable income is your AMAZING DREAM COME TRUE! so that you can continue to be at home with your loved ones and reach your goals in a way that won’t drain you of all life and love – get your own Website!
Buy your own domain either as your business name or your name (or both if you plan to do any sort of consulting or freelance work that does not go along well with your business brand).

BlueHost is my recommendation for domain and webhosting that not only has great rates on the regular they routinely have sales. I particularly like them because it is very easy to integrate WordPress rather than use a website builder. This leads me to my second recommendation:
WordPress. I was terrfied of WordPress for a long time because it looked far too complicated compared to other website builders out there. However, everyone I networked with recommended WordPress and I eventually had to deal with it anyways as freelance writing jobs I attracted demanded WordPress knowledge. So here I am, using it and loving it! So much easier than nit-picky, drag and drop website builders. Also there are a ton of themes and widgets catering to every sort of business or brand imaginable (many of which are free!)

Build Your Brand

Another need for any entrepreneur is to have a defined Brand.
If you are building your brand and would like some help with that (or any area of business building for that matter) I recommend byRegina. Regina is da bomb when it comes to creating a blog, a biz, a brand, a course, and more. She has a ton of resources available (including her #GoIndependant Facebook group) and I am constantly returning to her site for help and inspiration. Check her out!

Become a Blogger

You also want to Blog. I know some of you are already saying – But December, I don’t know what to write about!
We all have stories. We all have love letters and ideas and projects and more. Share them! Don’t be afraid of what haters gonna say and don’t hesitate to publish that amazing picture of your Pinterest fail. The world needs your unique tale and flavor and brightness online! We need parents who aren’t afraid to tell it like it is and lightworkers who spread healing joy and crafters who are willing to share trade secrets!
Think of what it is you LOVE doing! Need some help, write about the baby steps you are taking to achieve your dream – review your workbooks or diary or journal or your notes that you took around yesterday’s shopping list. Look at your Pinterest board and make something you pinned over a year ago and tell us how it went!
Google 100 Blog Post ideas and get some inspiration!

While your at it, look into all those nifty How to Blog posts on your Pinterest page like byRegina’s How to Create Super Share-Worthy Blog Posts (just sayin’).

Want some further advice on blogging? I love Leonie’s (i think she says it in one of her amazing videos) – “Make Yourself Cry.” Yep, if it is deep enough, and real enough, and big enough to make you cry when writing it, it needs to be shared with the world. Also, if it doesn’t make you just a lil scared – its not worth doing (I don’t remember who said that but someone cool).

Collect Emails & Create a Newsletter

Another thing you want on your website in order to rock out is a Newsletter. Most entrepreneurs will tell you that having a list of emails for clients, readers, or customer leads is the Most Important thing to have. These are people you can contact again and again with new information from your biz, new products, updates, and more. Blog readers and website visitors come and go but your email list is forever – or thats the idea anyways.
I use Marketing Scents (which offers an AMAZING 3 and Free promotion that if you get 3 people to sign up under you, their services are free for you from then on). They work out great for not only my business and products but also for the Network Marketing company I work with (I’ll get to that later though).

Become a Social Media Rock Star

Pick ONE social media site to ROCK OUT on. Yep, just one. You can be on others but just pick one, your favorite one, and interact on there the most. Have conversations, share your blog posts, post selfies that are fun, and be you/r brand! By focusing on one you won’t kill yourself by trying to be everything to everyone everywhere. Thankfully there are apps that will let you share posts from one SM account on others but don’t stress if other accounts don’t get as much of a following because people want interaction not copy+paste shares.
You can do some marketing research and find out where your audience is hanging out online and focus your social media interaction there. I think that’s great. I chose to just use the social media that I enjoy the most (Twitter) and build it up with a little sharing side work on a social media account I’m on because that is where my mentors and family/friends are (Facebook).
Other social media accounts are LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Medium.
After a while, you’ll see where you get most of your leads from and you can switch things up if you need/want to.
Don’t forget Forums and Chatrooms – these are also great online social hangouts that I think many entrepreneurs forget about. Find one that is related to what you talk about and love the most and go make connections!

No you have your dreams and goals planned out in your workbook, you’ve set some dates in your planner, you got your amazing website up and brand created and you have your blog started. You have a growing email list with a newsletter and you’re on social media and networking like a boss!

Now What?

Now you decide how you want to make your MONEY!
There are a few ways you can earn a check online with your own business. Some of them are unique to the internet and others can be combined with offline work.


Many website and blog owners sell ad space on their blog – called Monetizing. The ones who do this the best focus on advertisers that are related to their Brand, are relatable to their readers, and sell products or services that the website owner and the readers enjoy and use.

I highly recommend being picky and not using a adsense space that generates ads for you. These rarely work as far as being clickable. Instead, sell ad space to specific companies that you trust, you can stand behind, you use, and you would like their name right alongside your company’s name.

Affiliate Programs

Similar to Advertising, this is when a website owner or blogger posts ads or inserts links into their posts that redirect the reader to another brand’s site where, when they buy something from that brand using that link, the brand will give the blogger/website owner money. Its a referral based line of income that also works best when you really love that brand, use their products/services, and pair well with your own brand.
A well known Affiliate is Amazon because it is a company that sells pretty much anything and everything and it is easy to customize the links used to cater to business brand and website/blog reader.
I use Amazon and BlueHost links rarely because they don’t relate directly to my brand and also because of the following cons to this style of monetizing my site:
First you usually need a substantial following to many more than a few pennies.
Second, the links and ads lead people AWAY from Your website. That means you’ve lost readers who are now elsewhere online and not on your site, reading your posts and looking into what you do!

So if you decide to go this route – make sure that your links open in a new window or tab and that you stand behind the companies you are advertising because you want to believe in them enough to send them your clients/readers/customers.

Check out Green Affiliate Programs – a fantastic directory for eco-friendly companies with affiliate programs!
Also check out Justine Grey Affiliate Ace for more information to rock out Affiliate Marketing (I love her FB group)

Offer Your Unique Product or Service!

This is one of the BEST ways you can make money online. Create something unique to your business that you can sell to your readers/clients.
This can be anything!
I started out selling physical products – specifically lip balm and shampoo under the label EcoGoth. Selling a physical product is great but requires a lot of up-front investment in branded packaging as well as time to create and send out items or pay and set up vendor spaces at events (that is if you don’t have the costs and time in a brick and mortar shop).
Later I offered tarot readings to clients online and in person. This was when I really got into building my business and myself an an entrepreneur. I had to quit, sadly, when I got pregnant and reading for so many clients had be burned out. I also needed a way to make money when offering a service with a baby on my hip wasn’t working for me anymore.

Then I found out that you can offer a product that was hands-off after creating it and putting it out into the world.

Digital Products!Terrestrials Family Herbalist eCourse May Day ad

Creating “passive income” by creating ebooks, printables (like workbooks), courses, and more is a fantastic way to make money online. You not only are offering something your readers/clients want/need, you can cater to them without burning yourself out! There’s only so many hours in the day after all and when your business booms you can still cater to the needs of your thousands of customers without having to turn away anyone because you can’t make their product or offer them your service any longer that day.
ByRegina, which I mentioned earlier, has some great resources on creating passive income, ebooks, and courses. I particularly love her mini-course creation challenge videos.

As you probably already know, I use this method with my Family Herbalist eCourse and intend to add to this with other courses and ebooks in the future.



You can offer services like writing, virtual assistance, accounting, and more all as a freelancer. I do freelance writing work within my business niche (parenting and family, natural living and health, and spirituality). This is a great way to earn some money, network with other businesses, and get traffic back to my site. It does have the downside that I mentioned earlier about offering services and there only being so much time in the day, however, unlike offering a service on yuor site alone, freelancing has the benefit of advertising as well as getting paid.

This method works even better if you have products or services on your own website so that when you get traffic you have something to sell.
I admit I am not as well versed in other freelance services but if you want to become a freelance writer, I highly recommend the following resources:
The Write Life (also check out the facebook group)

Writers in Charge (also has an AMAZING Earn Your First $1k Facebook Group)
Elna Cain

Network Marketing

This is a fantastic way to make money online that works just as well offline.
My mentor, Laura, called Network Marketing a business in a box (and it really is). This is when you become a face and voice for a company and sell products and/or membership to that company.
This, to me, works better than the aforementioned monetizing because you not only get the initial check for referral but also a percentage for each item or package that customer buys thereafter AND that person becomes part of your business team! You’re not losing a customer via a link, you’re gaining a life-long client and partner.
To learn more about Network Marketing and Your Small Business, check out this video that explains it better than I ever could – Learn More About the Business at Simply Serendipity Central


That is the basics. Below I have some resources that helped me in the past find the sacred in business, change my mindset about money, and inspire me to be the creative self I am today.

Two Books – Money Magic by Frater U.D. and Creating Affluence by Deepak Chopra
SARK’s Succulent Wild Business Facebook Community and ALL Her Books…seriously…she’s amazing!

If you decided to have network marketing be one of your income streams, you simply must read Go Pro by Eric Worre

Lastly, check out the Work With Us page here on Terrestrials. Sometimes we have calls for guest posts, invites to events that would be great for networking, and even calls for submissions in books.


There is so much more to creating your own business from home but these are some of the basics. I’ll add to this page as I come across more amazing business resources. I hope that I have inspired you or helped you in some way.


Love & Blessings