The Terrestrials Family

The world isn’t changing, we are. In an age where more and more there is a cry that we need to get back to our roots, yet more and more we isolate ourselves from that very need – people need to reconnect with the Earth and with the truth that Magic exists.
Terrestrials is all about the belief that we can save ourselves, our families and communities, and the whole world through Earthly inspiration and Spiritual, Magical living. We can do this by educating ourselves on natural living, by nurturing and nourishing ourselves and our families, by being a part of the communities we live in, by surrounding ourselves with natural beauty, and by tapping into our own magical selves.

We are all children of Mama Terra, the Earth that not only gives us firm ground to stand upon but births the trees that work with us to generate air to breath and plants and animals that we coexist with for not only food but also beauty, healing, and companionship.
Living close to nature, experiencing the inspiration that the Earth gives us to live whole and holy lives, is a gift we at Terrestrials want to share with the world.

Terrestrials Family

December – Writer & Earthy Mama

Becoming a mother changed December’s life, all for the better, healthier, and more natural. Motherhood shined a light on the world – both good and bad and she asked the Divine and herself what she could do to help make it better for her son. The idea came through the natural health books on herbs and parenting – Heal Thyself, then your family, then your community. The community, inspired, will do the same and like ripples in a pond, gently and with nourishment, the world CAN change for the better.

With this belief, December created, started writing and making natural herbal products and recruited her husband to help her do the same.

Check out our Work With Us page for a list of December’s publications and articles on natural living, parenting, and spirituality.

Damon the Piscean Blacksmith & Carpenter

Called a Jack-of-all-trades, Damon enjoys being a modern day viking with a love for blacksmithing, wood work, bushcraft, fishing, hunting, gardening, and brewing. All of his work is touched by his shamanic nature and practices – a love of the magical, natural world that he has worked with and in since childhood.
With a background in emergency services, search and rescue, and a childhood hunting and fishing in the wilds of Appalachian mountain range – Damon has always had a love and respect for the natural world.
He also boasts awards in baking and continuously survives being a human guinea pig for December’s herbal concoctions.

Terrestrials FamilyPumpkin

Our son, an impish little Libra with a love for food, flowers, puppy dogs, and stacking wooden blocks. This little Pumpkin is our rainbow baby and inspiration for living exuberantly.