Tarot Readings

Tarot ReadingsDecember has been offering professional tarot readings since 2009 after a year of mentoring with reader and business intuitive June Wright. She has presented at major events across the country from the Johnson City, TN Blue Plum Festival to the Anchorage, AK 3 Barons Renaissance Fair. Her readings have been called “scary good” & her bubbly attitude is only outdone by her candid, no-nonsense manner of divination & counseling.

tarot readings

December’s tarot readings are on point, easy to understand and full of heart.
I love getting readings from her, I always feel like I have more direction, peace and understanding. 
~Heather, AK

Clarity Tarot Readings

Feeling Confused or Stuck? Need some divinely inspired information to clarify your situation so you can get things moving in your life?
This Clarity tarot reading is just what you need. Using a simple spread, I take a look at what energy is surrounding you in the present moment, and sum up the cards’ advice in an email that is sent to you within 48 hours of your reading order, along with a photo of the layout read. You are then able to ask any questions regarding the cards pulled (requests for further cards pulled will result in a second reading for additional charge).
I will need your name (or the name of the person receiving this reading) as well as any information you can give regarding your current problem.


Dec was accurate, professional and very easy to work with. I will definitely use her again…Thank you December!!!
~Sasha Haydon

Life Path Tarot Readings

Are you at a cross roads? Wondering what your purpose in this lifetime is? Struggling with something ‘big’ that you need to make a decision on? An in-depth reading on how your decisions, how you are fulfilling your life’s purpose, and how the energies surrounding your path effects you and others in your life is just the divine advice you need.
I’ll consult a divinely inspired tarot spread tailored to you so that I can draw cards to examine your current journey. This is a detailed reading that examines various aspects of the situation. You can expect a few pages of information along with a photo or two of your lay out. Feel free to ask questions afterwards for clarity on any cards drawn.
For this reading I will need your name and birth date.


Wheel of the Year Tarot Readings

A fantastic birthday gift or reading for the new year (whether its the Witch’s New Year in October or the Chinese New Year in February). This reading looks at the year ahead, analyzes the energies that will effect your life, and gives any warnings you might want to heed. You can request information about specific desires or actions you might want to take before the reading so that I can consult the cards on that matter in the year to come.
You will receive a multiple page report on these cards and any suggestions they offer as well as a photo of your lay out. I will need your name and birth date for this reading.

Thanks to December for my birthday tarot reading! She gave me a spot-on and grounding reading. Everyone should take advantage of her soul and wisdom!
~Monica Dilworth Watson