Pagan Parenting Resources

Pagan Parenting

Pagan Parenting Websites & Blogs

Posts about Pagan 101 for Kids by Rowan Hale
The Heathen Homesteader by Karina Drost
Janet Callahan Author Site & Blog
Also check out Janet’s blog – Pagan Preemies. They are always looking for donations for care packages for pagan families with preemies. 
Hesperide’s Garden

Articles & News About Pagan Parenting

Pagan Rituals for Families with Children
Education and the Pagan Child by Christina Aubin
Children And Pagan Rituals – Get Down On Your Knees And Play by The Witches Next Door
Pagan Events and Special Needs Children (or Adults) by Morgan Daimler
How to Set Up a Children’s Altar by Patti Wigington
Practicing Heathenry as a Parent by Katla Hase
Crystals for Breastfeeding

Books & Learning Materials For Pagan Families

ABC Book of Goddesses by Selina Wolfcat
ABCs with Deities by Jamie Theriot
Circle Round
by Starhawk, Baker, and Hill
Growing Paganism – Books for Pagan Children Infants & Toddlers
Growing Up Pagan: A Workbook for Wiccan Families by Raine Hill
Friends of Rupert
Also check out the Friends of Rupert Lending Library on Facebook
Pagan Kid’s Activity Book by Amber K
Pooka Pages
Author Rayne Anna Storm
Author Burliehh Muten
Author Brigid Ashwood
The Ancient Amber Beads: Preserving Mother Earth’s stories, lessons, and wisdom
Walking the World in Wonder: A Children’s Herbal by Ellen Evert Hopman
Parenting Pagan Tots Read our review HERE
Magical Child Books
Barefoot Books

Home Schooling for Pagan Families

Little Pagan Acorns
Pagan Children Learning Series
Pagan Homeschool Network – Pagans and Homeschooling
Pagan Homeschooling – A2Z Homeschooling
Pagan Homeschool/Unschool Network
Homeschool Pagan
Pagan Homeschooling (book)

Pagan Parenting Facebook Groups

Magical Mom’s Club
Pagan Moms (and Dads)
Natural Pagan Moms
Pagan Bookshelf
Circle of Wolves Pagan Parenting & Families
All One Tribe – Pagan Forum
The Pagan Way
Raising Witches
Pagans and Wiccans Alike 
Taking a Village-Parents.
Heathen Pride
Pagan Parents Online
Pagan Parents
Wiccan Parents
Wiccan Parents & Believers
Wiccan by Nature
Wiccan/Pagan Path
School Witch/Wiccan
Wiccan Family
The Pagan Family
Pagan Families
Sacred Earth – Pagan Family Living
Druid Pagan Parenting

Pagan Family Focused/Friendly Groups

Spiral Scouts

A Big THANK YOU to the wonderful Pagan Peeps that helped me build this list, especially to Kyrja Withers of Friends of Rubert.

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