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Happy New Year 2017 – Manifestation with a Vision Board

Happy New Year! Welcome 2017! I hope this year brings you all many blessings. Something I like to do for every new year is make a Vision Board to help me see in pictures every day the things I would like the manifest and build and achieve in my life.

You have probably heard of vision boards from people like Oprah Winfrey or Leonie Dawson or some other amazing millionaire who is living the life we all dream of. The idea is that our brains are programmable and one of the easiest ways to program is with imagery. Vision boards are pictures and symbols of the things we want and seeing them everyday hung up in our home or office allows us to remember the goal and work towards it – its beautiful inspiration!


I started my vision board first by figuring up the energies of 2017 for myself. I do this by looking at my numerology and my tarot card for the year. This is super simple but, of course not mandatory.

To figure out your numerology take your day and month of birth and the year you are looking at (for this it would be 2017).

My numerology is found with the following simple calculation:

My birthday is December 20th or 12.20

To calculate numerology each number is simplified into its components and added together. It sounds harder than it is:

12.20 is calculated as 1+2+2+0

Now you bring in the year you are looking at and the final calculations is


In numerology any 2-digit number is broken down again so 15 is 1+5=6

So my number for this year is 6. If you research numerology you will find the meanings of the numbers 0-9 and their relation with the energies in our lives.

For the tarot for my year in 2017 I take the numbers 15 and 6 and look at the meanings of the cards that align with those numbers – The Lovers, The Devil, and the 6 of cups, wands, swords, and coins.

After considering the meanings of these numbers and cards I continue to the next steps which are mandatory for creating a vision board.


Deciding what I want to manifest, build, create, and be in 2017. I love love love using Leonie Dawson’s workbooks for biz and life to help me work out what my goals are every year in both life and biz. I often consult these workbooks as I am creating my vision board but you could also simply make a list of your New Years Resolutions, your business goals, and any other dreams you’d like to work on this year.


Next look at magazines, craft supplies, print off images and quotes you love – all that pertain or inspire your dream building.

Grab a large piece of paper or poster and get to crafting.


For my vision board I used a piece of drawing paper and my brand new Stockmar beeswax block crayons. Some of the things I want to work on in 2017 is building a Waldorf inspired rhythm into our daily/weekly lives and that rhythm is based on color-defined days. I used the rainbow as the basis for my vision board to bring in that theme and also to bring in the balanced energies that I want to create. Most of this won’t be seen later so don’t stress about it. I do think a board with a colorful background is more appealing to look at first thing of a morning though.


I then gathered the magazine clippings (I took mine out of a free parenting magazine I was given when I was pregnant and have hoarded like a pack rat until now in my craft stash), some lovely holiday present wrapping, gold glitter washi tape, a print from one of my favorite artists (Smudge Monkey Studios), a glue stick, scissors, and a marker for writing.


The finished product – it is now in our bedroom so I can see it on the daily.

Some of the goals pictured here include working on building a foundation with my husband to support our growing son, working on breaking my sugar addiction, building our business, working more and more with oils and infusions, and building my tribe. The gold and green and glitter are all about abundance and prosperity.


What I forgot to mention when talking about numerology and the like is that one more thing I like to do is pick a Word of the Year based on the energy I would like to focus on. In 2014, before I even knew I was pregnant, my word was Fruition. 2015 my word was Empowerment. 2016 my word was Nourish.

2017 my word is Alignment.


I would LOVE to see your Vision Boards for 2017! Link or share them in the comments below with any questions you might have. Please also feel free to share your Word of the Year! I love seeing what people come up with!


Happy New Year!



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